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We pride ourselves on being able to stay consistent with out posts. Not only that, we also provide all your favourite Netent and Novamattic slot machines games!

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Are these the only payment options?

        Yes. As we have had trouble with other providers in the past. We now resorted to the most trusted of pay

        Are refunds accepted?

        No, all payment towards Santana Motor must be made with absolute certainty

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        The introduction Craps

        Today, most people believe – at least, most of the time that only the odds and the laws of chance, they affect the shock of a coin, or the roll of the dice. Religious attitudes about cutting have since disappeared, and today no orthodox religion feels threatened a return of popular belief in pagan […]

        Money Management By Playing Online

        Online the game really made the life of the player easy. Aside from the fact that online gambling is cheaper than going to casinosthe accessibility it offers is another factor. But somehow, gambling online and having all the benefits can have its own pitfalls. A player should always remember to control his funds wisely. An […]

        Some anonymous variables to the game

        Despite the huge odds of putting up a treatment against a billion dollar growing industries, two former compulsive gamblers in California were able to put up a program for addicted gamblers seeking to recover from their problem. They started with a group of gamblers and the circle grew throughout the United States to what no […]

        The Game Math

        How much are you willing to bet in the casino? You should know how much you are going to bring to play. This is “math” playing. This will tell you how much you can invite to win, or lose. This is a simple formula for calculating the average losses or wins you can have. The […]

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