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We pride ourselves on being able to stay consistent with out posts. Not only that, we also provide all your favourite Netent and Novamattic slot machines games!

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        Are these the only payment options?

        Yes. As we have had trouble with other providers in the past. We now resorted to the most trusted of pay

        Are refunds accepted?

        No, all payment towards Santana Motor must be made with absolute certainty

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        Your Perfect Casino Party – Scrip vs. Cash

        You’re thinking that creating your perfect casino party may be the answer to a few questions about the entertainment for your next social, corporate of the fund-raising event. Depending on where in the world you are going to do your casino party event you may have the option of using real money. Don’t get caught […]

        Your Casino Party – The Business Details

        You’ve been elected to the position as head honcho or accepted that designation for this casino party you’re planning. Once you accept that responsibility the business details depend on you. Business details and arrangements consist of all of the products and services you’re going to use at your event spelled out in a written agreement […]

        Your Casino Party – When Do You Add The Casino

        When do you add the casino entertainment? You know there is a party in your future – either a corporate one you’re helping to plan or a private one that you have total control over. Or, perhaps a fund-raising event for the local food bank. For the party, you’ve made arrangements to use the ballroom […]

        Your Casino Party – Sampler of Events – Part III

        Your first casino party success will very often lead you to others. Once you see, first-hand, the level of fun and entertainment your guests are enjoying the additional possibilities will begin to surface. Be sure to read Parts I and II of this post. Part III follows: Private: Birthday parties, anniversary parties, housewarmings – whatever […]

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