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We pride ourselves on being able to stay consistent with out posts. Not only that, we also provide all your favourite Netent and Novamattic slot machines games!

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        Are these the only payment options?

        Yes. As we have had trouble with other providers in the past. We now resorted to the most trusted of pay

        Are refunds accepted?

        No, all payment towards Santana Motor must be made with absolute certainty

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        Contemplating Your Next Move

        If you want to play poker properly, do not let your opponents read your poker game. It is relevant to contemplate your next move. We begin this article returning to the fundamental theory of poker David Sklansky, which reads as follows: if your opponents play their hands so that they had been able […]

        Peekers and the poker player

        The difficulty with the peekers is that they can provide important information away that a good player is trying to conceal. Peekers are often spectators and players who folded their hands. Peekers kill a bluff, mirror the real value of a hand or a card. If you are on the other side of the table […]

        Beginners Guide to Gambling

        Do you know the advantages of playing online poker? Do you know the advantages of playing in online poker tournaments and other related poker games Texas Hold’em and Omaha hi instead of playing in a poker room conventional events? The main advantages of playing online poker are a greater number of games available, a greater […]

        Psychology of Poker

        It is true that precise a good dose of talent to succeed in poker. But apart from this, there are several things necessary to guarantee success. The most important thing is to have a good mood. From any point of view, the mental aspect in poker is as important as the skills you should have […]

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