Games For A Casino Party

Choose popular games for your casino party. Traditional gambling games begin with the Big Three – Craps, Roulette and Blackjack.

Depending on how large an event you’re planning your first choice should be Blackjack, then Craps, then Roulette, then Hold’em and then a Wheel of Fortune or a Jackpot Dice game.

Craps is by far one of the most exciting games you will ever play. Many people shy away from it as being too complicated, but you can always offer a simplified version.

Blackjack is a universal game. Since we’re located in the Seattle area we often do events for major technology companies who are hosting members from all over the world. It always amazes me how the language barriers fall away at a casino event.

The games stand for themselves and the rules might vary slightly, but the familiarity of the game is there and people communicate through the maneuvers of the game – even if they speak different languages.

Roulette many be a surprising third choice, but it is the most difficult game to keep going when dealing with a room of amateur players.

Gambling is all based on percentages. On a Blackjack game, played correctly, your odds are pretty even with the House. On a Craps game the shooter can often roll the dice many times – creating different levels of winners – before rolling the infamous “7” and having the dealers clear the table. On Roulette your wager stands against a roll of one ball – one time. Not great odds.

Poker is enjoying a monumental resurgence of popularity – worldwide. A casino party is a great place for people to sit in on a game and get a feeling for what it’s all about.

The Wheel of Fortune or a Jackpot Dice game is the “No Brainer.” On a Wheel of Fortune you simply wager on a picture, spin the wheel and the winners are determined by where the Wheel stops. The trick is having access to a Wheel of Fortune.

A Jackpot Dice game can be created with just the picture dice which are available from most gaming supply houses on the Internet. Create your own payout table or use the one that comes with the dice for a fun and exciting games that many guests can participate in.

Choose games that people are familiar with and play with rules you take a little liberty with. Games for a casino party should be fun, exciting, and familiar.

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