Peekers and the poker player

The difficulty with the peekers is that they can provide important information away that a good player is trying to conceal. Peekers are often spectators and players who folded their hands. Peekers kill a bluff, mirror the real value of a hand or a card. If you are on the other side of the table and there are peekers behind your opponents watch out for the following models:

1. The level of their interest in peeked at the hands.

2. Their synchronization of peeks and re – peeks.

3. Their reactions after the opponents have folded

4. Their eye movements and their areas of interest immediately after peeked a hand.

However, when you are the one who peeked at, you will encounter a lot of problems there. If you are the opponents are good, your peekers could as well indicate the signs of the legible models on your hand. Peekers is also equivalent to a hand exposed to flash. Or their behaviors can overturn your strategy. Or it can simply kill your concentration. And finally, when someone peeks at your hand, that’s just tantamount to inviting more peekers.

So, often, you should not allow people to peek at your hands. However, the best in business, the pros, sometimes use peekers to their advantage carefully by selecting the people who could watch his hand. But what good could this do?

Well, by letting a person peek into his cards, the good player wants to deliver certain information to the peeker or his opponents. Second, it can advertise games that push players loose to game or poor players to do better (such as raising piles). In the third site, it generates a neglected atmosphere among its adversaries. Fourth, overthrow the opponents by not leaving them peek. And finally, it could also be a

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