So you want to be famous

What makes a famous in the gaming world? Is it your wealth, your attachment to the game or the way you died?

Any of these ways can lead you to stardom in the game world. Take Kerry Packer for example. Kerry Packer is one of the richest men on earth, and is also one of the most famous gambling players. Why ? This is because he has always played in gambling games with high stakes. The records prove that he had lost the greatest amount in the game history, but he had also won many millions by the game.

Reason from the very beginning, Kerry’s packer already had the rich, coming from a wealthy family. However, he vulgarly got rich once he won millions and millions in the game. You think he should stop because he had already hit the jackpot, but these millions did not stopped. Money even encouraged him to join high stakes playing. The casinos have already banned him from playing blackjack because he has always bet huge amounts of money, and the casinos could not afford his prize anymore. Currently, he owns store companies and many television networks, which just prove how rich he became because of the game.

Another rich person who has become famous in gaming world is Joh Aspinall. Like the packer, John came from a wealthy family. However, he did not dare to play the gambling games but in the organizational game operations that gave him millions of dollars in return. Originally, he was with the Navy, then transferred to Oxford where he found his true love, who plays.

If you do not have wealth, you could still be famous in the gaming industry by devoting yourself to it. Look at John Montagu, also known as the Sandwich Count. The count was known for his undying attachment to the game’s craft that he skipped meals just to play. His popularity kicked in when he “invented” the sandwich, hence his name Sandwich Count. Since he had no time for full course meals, he preferred to take the meat placed between two loaves, which was peculiar at that time. It was the beginning of what we know today as a sandwich.

A sure sign that you are popular in the gambling world is that if a gambling hand is named after you. This is the case of which the Hickock wild bill was murdered while holding a pair of eight and a pair as, which is known today as the hand of the dead man. He was killed because someone did not want him to become the marshal of the city.

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