Some anonymous variables to the game

Despite the huge odds of putting up a treatment against a billion dollar growing industries, two former compulsive gamblers in California were able to put up a program for addicted gamblers seeking to recover from their problem. They started with a group of gamblers and the circle grew throughout the United States to what no one is known as anonymous gamblers (GA). Today, this is an international organization that helps individuals share their hopes, strengths, insights and experiences to solve each other’s gambling problems and find a way to recovery. What the organization requirements of only admitting is for gamblers to be certain to stop playing.

So far, anonymous gamblers have found that these variables are crucial to the complete recovery of the individual: Firstly, it is the hopelessness limit of a member uniting the poll. The important factor here is his open mind, which is often proportional to his desperation. With an open-mind, he / she can explore the GA method of recovery.

Secondly, it is important that a member becomes honest with his colleagues in the circle. As a defense mechanism, new members are often secretive of the great damage they play caused them. This is also a way for them to live with their problem. If an individual becomes honest of what he / she has experienced from the game, he / she would have more motivation to take constructive steps for his / her recovery.

Thirdly, it would help if the individual identifies with other members. The treatment process is generally leaving members to tell their stories and what they did to stop gambling. There are similarities that emerge from all their history as the futility of the game and the methods used for the treatment. If an individual identifies with these stories, he / she would realize that there is really a state definable to his situation and therefore, there is also a definable solution to it. So if a member went over the problem, maybe he / she can too. This gives specific hope and motivation to find a solution.

Fourth, it is also important for a specific member that compulsive gambling can be explored in a spiritual context. Many describe compulsive gambling as uncontrollable in such a way that those addicted to it are always unsuccessful to stop it. It is as if there is power behind it. The GA program admits of this power and that the individual alone can not control it. But with the GA program, the individual is helped to find greater power to overcome such compulsiveness to allow them to stop playing.

The last but not the least of the variables is the normal presence at the member meetings.

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