The Game Math

How much are you willing to bet in the casino? You should know how much you are going to bring to play. This is “math” playing. This will tell you how much you can invite to win, or lose. This is a simple formula for calculating the average losses or wins you can have.

The formula: “The number of games per hour, times the median bet, times the game of hours, time the casino advantage = losses or wins to expect.”

Here’s an example for this formula: Spend an hour of playing blackjack with $ 10, with a disadvantage of .5 percent. Calculation: $ 10 (bet average) x 80 (per hour) x 1 (hour) x.005 (casino or house edge) = $ 4

since casino games are based on chance, you can never really tell if you are going to win or lose. The probability of matching average expectation to casino games for winning and losing is rare. You never know what could happen in the casino. All sorts of things happen.

The following are based on the experiences of true-life to demonstrate how wonderful things can come unexpectedly.

1. July 1995, at Max Casino (in Las Vegas), a $ 5 blackjack player won twenty three straight hands, including doubles and splits. From the fourth game this player started to step up his bets and from he went home with a few thousand dollars in cash.

2. Barney Vinson, a game writer, saw at Caesars Palace, on July 2000, a lucky number came up six consecutive times, this was a rare billion shot at one. The lucky number: 7.

And some things are not so wonderful …

3. An expert on slots, John Robinson spins a car for 93 successive shots, but unfortunately he did not get one hit. This happened at the desert inn, February 1998.

4. Another unlucky player in Atlantic City, Joan Cartwright, played the game of “let him drive” at Bally’s casino, she had lost $ 300 with $ 10 per hand. He did not win a single time. This happened in August of 2000.

The above experiences are to show players that casino games are very unpredictable. You can not guarantee that the money you bring will multiply; so, if you do not want to lose any huge amounts of money, just bring enough cash to let you play for an hour.

Make sure that you can afford the money that you could be losing. Always suppose you could lose the money limit so your bet.

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