The introduction Craps

Today, most people believe – at least, most of the time that only the odds and the laws of chance, they affect the shock of a coin, or the roll of the dice.

Religious attitudes about cutting have since disappeared, and today no orthodox religion feels threatened by a return of popular belief in pagan religions, by the cult of IS-IS, or by voodoo.

With the relaxation of the institution’s objections to gambling, all games of chance are making a comeback and dice games, as always, are leading the field.

For centuries, the ministers sermonized against cutting back, reminding their congregations that the Romans had pitched at the foot of the cross for garments of the crucified Christ.

Now, one could occasionally even find a mini-casino, complete with craps placement, installed in the church basement for the annual fundraising campaign.

Craps has always been a leader at the casinos of Europe, England and Nevada. Like poker and a few other casino games , craps is also popular for private gaming. In every big city in America, you can still see the grown men squatting in a circle in the street, looking for all the world like kids playing marbles.

Instead of marbles to play with, there are those two charming little cubes and instead of losing marbles, there is a good Uncle Sam green.

In craps, unlike blackjack, there is no dealer. It does not even have to be someone who plays for the home or, indeed, any home at all. But the reason craps is perennial number one at all big casinos in Las Vegas and now in Atlantic City, is that no game offers such a dazzling action.

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