The Perfect Casino Party – Part I

A Casino Party adds entertainment to any event you’re planning. It works for everything from a small party for family and friends to corporate events for thousands of people for any one of a dozen reasons. When you add a well-planned casino entertainment segment to any event you ensure a level of entertainment that you cannot achieve any other way.

There is usually no cost to guests. The host bears the cost of the casino party and the prizes to be awarded, along with location, food, and beverage for the event.

When you’re in the creation process you’ll be faced with many questions – the most important one will be “How can I make this a great party?” The answer to that question usually stems from the purpose of the event.

Sometimes there are no options. The event is being created for a specific purpose and there is an agenda that needs to be covered during the evening. That agenda does not include time for entertainment. However, many more events are planned with a social basis and you’ll have people at your event for five to six hours and the food and beverage service will only take up a couple of those hours. What are you going to do with those other hours? Why you’re going to add entertainment.

If you’re located in the Pacific Northwest contact us at and we’ll work with you. If you’re located elsewhere in the world, the chances are very good that with the proliferation of gaming worldwide there is bound to be someone in your group who knows quite a bit about casino gaming.

You create the party and then add the casino entertainment to the prime three hours of your event. You make arrangements for an appropriate facility – one with plenty of room for equipment, guests and any other activities you might want to add to the event.

Most often it will be a hotel ballroom or a major convention center and the catering comes along with the facility. Smaller facilities may mean that you have to arrange your own catering.

Whichever, take a look at the right sidebar and request the Party Planner and begin your planning process.

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