The Perfect Casino Party – Part II

Depending on the purpose for your event you may have one or more things to take into consideration when you begin to determine the planning for your evening.

Be sure to go to the sidebar and request your Casino Party Tips for Fun and Profit. Those messages along with the Party Planner will give you the information you need to plan your Perfect Casino Party.

The event may be to celebrate an accomplishment within your group. You need to make sure that the proper time is allowed for that and the ambience at that time will properly acknowledge the award.

Your CEO may want to address the whole group about a new product or service your company will be offering.

If it’s a private party you may want to “roast” the guest of honor.

Whatever your final decisions are for your party need to be made by the decision makers and an appropriate time designated for the casino entertainment. Then the casino goes like this:

Tables are set up and ready when guests arrive.

You give each player a bank of $5,000 to play games with for up to three hours.

You make sure your dealers are well versed in the concept that this is casino gaming for the fun of the players.

The final hour of the event you give the players a realistic taste of casino gaming – straight play and see who sifts out on the top of the heap.

Then you award prizes based on how well your players did during the casino portion of your night.

Your guests will talk about your casino party for months to come. There is no better entertainment vehicle you can offer your guests.

Sound like fun? Of course it does. You can certainly figure it out on your own – or you can take the guesswork out of it and order “A Winning Combination: Casino Gaming for Fun and/or Profit.” Remember, there is no point in putting time and effort into an event unless you’re sure it’s going to be the best that you can make it.

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