Trade Shows And Association Entertainment

The Fantasy Casino Dealer Service has worked with scores of trade shows and association meetings in the Northwest to create a fun and exciting evening for all sorts of reasons. The Fantasy Casino is very popular entertainment anywhere a group of people gathers. Why? Because we create an interactive entertainment concept that people are curious about and we make it easy for them to participate.

Be sure to go to the sidebar and request your Casino Party Tips for Fun and Profit. Those messages along with the Party Planner will give you the information you need to plan your trade show and association entertainment.

We’ve done gaming tables inside of booths at Trade Shows for years. There are many different ways to attract the passerby into your booth. If you’re planning a trade show booth in the near (or distant) future in the Pacific Northwest – call us and we’ll help you figure out the best way to do what you need to do.

If you’re a member of an Association – consider a Fantasy Casino for your next social or membership building event. We can help you plan the entire event or we can provide the entertainment for an event you’re already planning. Same directions apply – Order “A Winning Combination” the Report on Casino Gaming as Entertainment outside of the Pacific Northwest and enclose a letter telling us what you have planned. Inside of the Pacific Northwest, contact us at Log onto our website at and click on the Products page.

We are the people who create the excitement. We are the gaming dealers. Most of us are experts in the games that we deal. Some of us have trained to deal the games and are too smart to put real money down on a table in a casino. Others are retired or current casino dealers moonlighting. Whatever the story is, our mission is the same – to bring you an evening of outrageous entertainment.

Be sure to go to the sidebar and request your FREE Party Planner. The Report will give you the information you need to plan your Perfect Casino Party.

We work exclusively with the largest supplier if casino gaming equipment in the state of Washington. In Washington, companies can host parties and play casino games but it is all a licensed activity. Our clients are excused from the licensing process as long as they are using our personnel. That way the Gambling Commission is assured that no illegal activity will take place.

Each state is a little different. Generally, a trade show or association meeting is planned for a period of time. You have one new step for your planning process should you choose to do a casino event. Before you put a lot of time and effort into a high-profile event, check with your state or province’s Attorney General (or the equivalent) for your area and see what the gambling laws will allow.

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