Your Casino Party – Sampler of Events – Part I

Any individual, business entity or charitable/civic group could have a reason for celebration. Peruse this Sampler of Events. That is the beginning. Form a plan to form a decision. From that decision point you take the steps to ensure a fun and exciting evening for your guests – and an event that fulfills the purposes of the host.

The Sampler of Events outlines the types of events we’ve done for chosen business categories. The Sampler of Events is a guide. Take that information and apply it to your business if you don’t find a match.

Adding casino entertainment to your event is one of the logical first steps if the event you’re planning is typical. What do we mean by typical. You rent a room, make arrangements to have a meal served and invite the guests. Then what do you do with them once they arrive. You entertain them of course.

Adding casino entertainment to the event you’re planning serves several distinct purposes. The main one is that most of the guests participate. We’ve been doing this for 20 years throughout the Pacific Northwest. That is the area around Seattle, Washington.

Years ago Seattle was a one company town – Boeing. Since Microsoft set up in Redmond, Washington – about 10 miles across the water to the East – the area has exploded with related and support businesses. That growth has served the area well and it is now a diverse and successful commercial area. About a dozen major and minor cities joined by a couple of major freeways and bridges over Lake Washington. Many of those cities have their own business communities and some are bedroom communities for the others.

Fortunately, many of those businesses are our customers. It constantly amazes me it how similar people are. We like the idea of being invited to a party, we go expecting to have a good time, but don’t really go out of our way to mix with the other guests once we get there. That is especially true if the event is one that your spouse or significant other is more connected to than you are.

The best thing that happens at a casino event is that the guests have something to do. They’re given a paper bank to play casino games and the chance to win prizes.

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