Your Casino Party – Sampler of Events – Part II

Successful casino party planning can be addictive. Planning parties become a sideline for some people. Once you do something well for a reason, it’s very common to want to repeat the experiences of another entity that is near and dear to your heart.

Be sure to read Part I of this post and Part II is below:


Recently moved to a new office area? Host an Open House complete with casino entertainment. Invite your customers and suppliers. Design an after-hours event to acquaint your customers with your state-of-the-art facility and acquaint your employees with your potential customer contacts. That personal touch will only improve your business relationship with the guests – your customers and suppliers.

Been in business for milestone years? Host a celebration honoring your employees and customers.

Do you offer a product to many businesses but never see the people you do business with. Create an event to meet your customers and have your customers meet your employees.

Sales contests stimulate business. Plan a sales contest that culminates with a “High Roller’s” Casino Party for the participants. Guests receive extra casino money based on how well they did in the sales contest – Instant fun and excitement for all.


What would your business be without your employees? You need these people to service your customers and keep you business grow.

Seminars and Team Meetings are critical in building a solid employee base. Casino entertainment is great for opening night socials. It’s a great mixer and universal in scope if there are language differences among the guests.

Casino parties also fill one other important need at employee events. The employees know each other. Their spouse or significant other is coming into a social situation cold. By providing the interactive entertainment you’re ensuring the partner’s comfort by giving them something fun to do


A number of companies automatically host a holiday event. People get in the party mood in December so it’s a good time to celebrate. Most events create the same general situation. You invite guests for a period of time. What are they going to do once they get there? Eat, Drink and ??? Entertainment is the answer but what is the right entertainment.

Of course, our vote goes to a “High Roller’s” Casino Party. Interactive entertainment that holds the attention of your guests for several hours is the perfect solution. It’s a much better choice than passive entertainment that might be enjoyed by fewer guests.

Trade Shows and Associations:

Association parties are among the best of the lot. A successful association is built on a strong membership supported by dues of the members. Many businesses that supply those members are also strong members of the association. A strong social structure between those businesses and their suppliers ensure the success of both.

Many of the most successful events we’ve provided entertainment for were daytime trade shows followed by a social event featuring casino entertainment.

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