Your Casino Party – Sampler of Events – Part III

Your first casino party success will very often lead you to others. Once you see, first-hand, the level of fun and entertainment your guests are enjoying the additional possibilities will begin to surface.

Be sure to read Parts I and II of this post. Part III follows:


Birthday parties, anniversary parties, housewarmings – whatever the reason is to gather family and friends lends itself to casino entertainment. Watching your best friend become a paper millionaire is a hoot in itself. Watching the excitement in the faces of family and friends as they win thousands of worthless dollars is a real treat. And – hearing your family and friends talk about the great party at your house for the next year is the best reward of all.

Fund-Raising Events:

When you decide an organization is worth your support, why go half way. My favorite fund-raising slogan is “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing for the most profit possible.”

The “High Roller’s” Fantasy Casino is the solution to the perplexing question – What Can We Do To Raise Money? We’ll show you how to devise a party that can help you raise any amount of money you want to raise. We’ve worked with groups who started with a $5,000 goal who now is working on $200,000 a year from their events. The average is $25,000 to $40,000 for a well-rounded event that you sell 200 tickets too.

On a lesser scale, you can raise $1,000 easier than anything you thought possible. We give you the guidelines to identify your goals realistically, based on the participation you can expect from your group.

We offer you the shortcuts. Time and energy are precious commodities these days. No one wants to make a mistake that will cost them, their business or their organization time or money.

Host a “High Roller’s” Casino Party for your supporters or members and their guests. Host the event or charge a basic admission fee and create additional activities for your members to support – an auction, a raffle, direct donations – we’ll cover ways of doing them all, plus a half dozen other activities to consider.

· Review the above Sampler of Events.

· Download the Party Planner. See the sidebar.

· Peruse it with your committee.

· Make the decision to add casino entertainment to your next party.

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